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  • Is your site accessible, and is there a quick fix if it’s not?

    Every single person with a website should be checking to make sure everyone who visits it can use it. Everyone who comes to the site should be able to get the same information, meaning, and as similar experience as possible from it. So how do you go about figuring out if your website is accessible? […]

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  • Evaluating the Time Cost

    Everything we do in business has a time cost. What if you could take everything you’ve already been doing, and make it into a badass website? Transcript Everything that we do in business, for business, takes time. It has a time cost associated with it, right? Doing social posts, coming up with branding, refining branding, […]

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  • Single CTA Exceptions

    If you’re doing this on your website, it might be the reason you’re losing business. Transcript I will often give the advice, “What is the one thing you want somebody to do when they come to your website?” And that’s how you come up with your main call to action. Is that always the case? […]

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  • Pick a Platform

    It doesn’t matter what platform your website is built on, here’s what does matter. Transcript It doesn’t matter what your website is built on. What matters is that it works for you. So if you have your website built on a platform and somebody comes along and tells you, Ugh! How could you? That is […]

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  • Establish Trust

    When you’ve put in the effort to have the perfect branding, social media posts, etc to convey your vibe and show what you have to give… It’s super disappointing when you have a boring website. Transcript When you put in all of the effort to get an awesome brand that aligns with you and your […]

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  • 3 Easy Security Wins

    If you’re doing this one thing that almost everybody does online, you’re going to want to watch this video about the #1 most basic rule of security. And stay tuned for a couple of other easy wins. Transcript Don’t use the same password for all of your logins. But how do you keep track of […]

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  • Accessibility is Fundamental

    Accessibility is a fundamental part of any website and it should be baked into every decision you’re making about your brand assets. Here’s how to do it. Transcript Accessibility is a fundamental part of any website and it should be baked into every single part of the process leading up to and including the website. […]

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  • Use an SSL Certificate

    You need a secure website. There’s no argument here. You need an SSL certificate. Here’s how you’re going to get your own secure site. Transcript You need a secure website, there’s no debate about that. You need an SSL certificate and any host worth anything is going to provide you one for free and make […]

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  • A Terrible Host is a Terrible Time

    I just finished a client’s website on a really awful host, and it made me kind of mad. Here’s why. Transcript I just finished launching a website on a really just awful host and it made me kind of mad because if I had trouble, if it took me three times as long, then it’s […]

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  • Really Big Images

    Really big images on your website is one of the easiest things to fix, and can make a big impact on your user experience. Transcript Really big images on your website are one of the easiest things that you can fix and one of the things that make the most impact on page load speed. […]

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