Say hello to NEWT – The Nifty Evaluator for WCAG Testing

This is a tool that asks you questions about the features on your website so it can pair up the corresponding accessibility guideline (WCAG). In this initial phase, we’ll be continuing to add features and make updates to this tool to make it more fun and easier to use.

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Answer the questions to get your WCAG results.

All of the fields are required in order for us to provide the most accurate results.

Do you want to see the general WCAG criteria that almost every website will need to meet?

This will include page structure, content, images, fonts, spacing, and focus guidelines.

Have you already researched your brand’s color contrast and other website colors?

This includes font colors, solid color backgrounds, image backgrounds, icons, and any other elements with color.

Does your site use forms to collect user information or allow someone to search your site?
Are you using audio and/or video on your site?
Do you have any animation or scrolling text on your site?
Are you using a slider, carousel, or other type of rotating content?
Are you using popups, modals, tooltips, or other kind of content that appears and covers the main content on the page?
Are you using tables or any other kind of way to display data?

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What are the next steps?

Use the list above to give you an idea of what criteria you’ll need to satisfy for a given feature, or you can see how many features will need to satisfy a given criteria so you can decide how best to move forward when reviewing your site and fixing any issues you come across.

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Future plans for this tool:

  • Add in quick wins for more of a pathway for guidance.
  • Add filters
  • Continue to add more details and links for each WCAG criteria.
  • Continue to improve styles.