WordPress Accessibility Meetup

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Trends to Avoid in 2024
(Feb 19, 2024)

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Session Description

Some trends are moving in the right direction, like making a dark mode and focusing on accessibility improvements. Other trends are moving in the completely opposite direction.

We seem to be in an era of nostalgia and design revival — some of which probably should have been left in the past.

In this session, we’ll review some website trends to avoid and why, and see if there are any alternatives or ways to obtain the vibe of these trends without sacrificing usability and accessibility.

Making Accessible WordPress Websites in the Full Site Editor
(August 15, 2022)

Session Description

This new phase of WordPress development brings some built-in accessibility features and new and exciting ways to give users options within specifics that you set. This also means there are new things you need to know in order to make sure you’re developing accessible websites. We’ll go over some general concepts, some code examples, and the new features and challenges in front of us.