Pick a Platform

It doesn’t matter what platform your website is built on, here’s what does matter.


It doesn’t matter what your website is built on. What matters is that it works for you. So if you have your website built on a platform and somebody comes along and tells you, Ugh! How could you? That is awful. What a terrible choice. If it’s working, what difference does it make?

Now, if something’s not working or if you want to improve in an area, maybe a platform worked for you for a little bit, and now you’ve grown out of it. There’s a lot of reasons why you might need to change a platform or why a platform might not be good for you.

So some things to take into consideration are: what your plans are in the immediate present, in the near future, and in the far future, and what are those budgets look like at those specific times. All of these platforms that are out there all have options for zero to infinity dollars. And so it’s really going to just depend on what your needs are in association with requirements, functionality, things that are going to need to be going on.

How advanced does it need to get? Who’s going to be building it? Are you hiring somebody or are you building it yourself? What’s the skill level? Are you starting with a design and then getting it custom built? Are you sort of doing a hybrid approach? And then what does the growth look like? What kind of traffic is going to be coming to your site? How many people are going there? How much are you going to need to be able to handle? Is it going to be e-commerce?

There’s going to be all different answers for all these different features that you’re going to have. So ultimately, there is no best. It’s what’s best for you.

And if you’re building it yourself, try out a few. But set a timer. Don’t get too bogged down in the endless possibilities. Don’t let that stop you. If you’re having someone build it for you, just make sure you’re asking questions about longevity, what it looks like to maintain it, what it looks like to grow on the platform, how does it look like to add sales pages or landing pages.

Whatever is pertinent to your business, make sure you’re asking those questions about the platform. And ultimately, if you get what you need out of it, it works.