Use an SSL Certificate

You need a secure website. There’s no argument here. You need an SSL certificate. Here’s how you’re going to get your own secure site.


You need a secure website, there’s no debate about that. You need an SSL certificate and any host worth anything is going to provide you one for free and make it so that it’s really easy to do and that it will auto update.

There are varying levels of SSL security certificates, so the one that they’re providing you for free is the base level one. But that’s fine for most websites.

You need to be able to go to any version of your website and it all redirects to that one secure version. So they can type in www and make it, they can type it in without the triple w, they can type in https, they can type in http. And all of that, every version of that website goes to that one location that you need to bring them to. Now it doesn’t really matter whether it’s the www or the non, you just pick one and stick with it. But the other one, the regular http needs to redirect to that secure version and it needs to be secure.

There’s really no excuse at this point to not have it. And the browsers really prioritize that security. Sometimes they’ll show, most of the time now, they’ll show a warning that this website is not secure or we’re not sure if it’s secure. And it’ll also show that if the security certificate that you have is out of date. So that’s just this really intense barrier to entry to your website.

A website that’s not secure won’t always show that warning, but it will show it in the address bar. Depending on what browser you’re in, it’s going to show it differently, but it will show that it is not secure at the base level. It’s really easy to do now, and if it’s not easy to do on your host or service provider or whatever platform you’re using, then you need to switch or you need to talk to their support.

There’s really no reason not to have one nowadays. So get on that. And if you have any questions, make sure to reach out and let me know. But definitely do this for not only you, but for the people who come to your website because they’re the most important.