Check on All Devices

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When was the last time you checked out your website on your phone? Tablet? Your friend’s phone? Anywhere else your website might be seen? If you haven’t, you might be horrified to find out what it looks like when it’s not on your desktop. If people can’t navigate your website on all devices, you’re going to leave business on the table.


When’s the last time you went to your own website? When’s the last time you went to your own website on your phone? When’s the last time you went to your website on your desktop? What about a tablet? What about on your friend’s phone?

There’s so many places that you can go to take a look at your website. And if you’re building it yourself, you’re going to need to make sure that you’re optimizing all of those devices. Might not have to do too much specific optimizing for them, but you do still have to check it and make sure it looks good.

People are going to be going to your website on all different devices and if they can’t get to your menu on the phone, they’re going to leave. And it’s really important to try to keep people on your website as long as possible. So make sure that you’re checking your website on all the places, everywhere you could possibly think of.

There are tools out there that do make it easy for you to be able to just type in your URL and then they’ll show you the website on all different kinds of screens and devices and anything you could possibly imagine. But do what you can. The more that you do, the better. It’s better than nothing.

On top of that, then you also have Firefox and Chrome, and Safari, and Edge, and mobile Safari, and mobile Chrome. There’s so many things out there, so if you don’t have somebody working on your website for you and you’re doing it yourself, make sure you’re checking at least a few. Check as many as possible and do periodic checks.

Don’t just set it and forget it. Make sure you’re visiting it every so often.

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