Establish Trust

When you’ve put in the effort to have the perfect branding, social media posts, etc to convey your vibe and show what you have to give… It’s super disappointing when you have a boring website.


When you put in all of the effort to get an awesome brand that aligns with you and your goals and you can help your clients. When you go through all of the effort to put together awesome content on social media and in blog posts and really get across that message that you are here to help in whatever way that you can.

And when you go through all of that effort to convey the messaging and the vibe and all of the stuff that you have to give to others, it can feel really disappointing when you have a website that is just really buggy or is just disappointing. You look at it and you don’t like it, or it just doesn’t do what you want it to do. It doesn’t bring the feelings that you have about all the rest of your business.

That’s why good websites are so important, because when you feel really confident about what you’re putting out in the world, then you can really feel aligned. Then you don’t have to worry about, oh, should I send them this, you know, PDF that I made instead of sending them to my site? Or oh yeah, I have a website, but it hasn’t been updated in a while, so just get in touch or oh yeah, just find me on Facebook.

All that stuff is settling. And when you’re ready to take your business to a higher level, when you’re ready to really invest in yourself and growing this to the place where you know it can be, that’s when you really have to get serious. About putting that initial investment into a website.

Whether you didn’t have a website before and you were just sort of getting by with whatever, whether things are fine now. There’s the level of trust that comes with having an awesome website that feels like it was made for the person that goes to it. Right? So you go on a site and you just feel good about it. That’s that level of trust that you can get.

It’s just this unknown little feeling that somebody has by going to a site that feels right, that feels good. It feels like you’re ready to invest in them and you’re committed to them as a client or as a buyer or whatever it is that you’re doing for them when they feel like you care about them and the experience that they have on your website, that just takes it that much higher.

And so it’s super important to get a really good website and it’s important to do it right.